Fixx-E Liquid

Fixx-E Liquid Wholesale Vape Invaders UK

Get your fix of premium high VG eliquids with Fixx-E from California, USA. A mixture of 6 impenetrable flavours that will become your new ADV.

75/25 VG/PG

60ml glass bottles shortfilled to 50ml with increased flavour concentration.

The Flavours:

Loop de Loop

Loop de Loop is a sweet fruity cereal crunch with a few splashes of ice cold milk. Unlike other fruit crunch cereal vapes, Loop de Loop is iconic with the perfect ratio of flavours blended to deliver a vape experience to remember.

Lemon Cheesecrank

Lemon Cheesecrank is a creamy cheesecake on top of a tasty golden graham crust base and completed with a drizzle of sweet lemon.

Peach Cruiser

Fixx-E must have been chilling on a Southern California beach soaking in the warm sun and taking in the relaxed vibe to come up with Peach Cruiser. A blend of ripe peaches with a tangy vanilla yogurt, swirled together until it's just right.


Fixx-E Liquid have mastered the pastry vape juice flavour by taking the middle of a Cinnamon Roll and bottling it up for a vapers next cloudy indulgence. Spinnabun is a sweet, gooey and warm cinnamon roll coated in sugar icing.

Milky Shake

Fresh strawberries, milk and ice cream blended to perfection - Milky Shake from Fixx-E is simply heaven! The strawberry milkshake flavour e-liquid is popular in the vape world but the flavour creators at Fixx-E have found the golden formula. 

Suh Dew

Suh Dew is an outstanding flavour capturing the increasingly popular Boba Tea trend. A sweet but frothy honeydew slush is complimented by tapioca pearls to recreate this iconic drink into one tasty vape experience.

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